You can find here an electronic copy of the program, which includes the abstracts of all talks and posters.

  Mon. 10/02 Tue. 11/02 Wed. 12/02
08:40 Opening remarks
Organizers &
Ernst Dreisigacker
09:00 Martin Zwierlein Rainer Blatt Mark Rudner
09:45 Jens Eisert Klaus Sengstock Alexander Szameit
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Fabio Sciarrino Barbara Terhal Pablo Arrighi
11:45 Philipp Preiss Andrew White Yoav Lahini
12:30 Lunch Final remarks & lunch
14:00 Fernando Brandão
Marco Koschorreck (α)
Sorin Paraoanu (α)
Thomas Schulte-H. (α)
Departure / Lab tours (γ)
14:45 Christina Kraus  
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Stefan Kuhr Tobias Osborne  
16:45 Carlo Sias Poster flash talks (β)  
17:30   Poster session  
18:00 Rudolf Gross
(evening talk)
19.00 Dinner Heraeus dinner &
poster awards 
(α)Contributed talk session.
(β)Young researchers present their results with a flash presentation of 2/3 minutes.
(γ)We offer lab tours of University of Bonn's laboratories. You are kindly invited to contact us if you are interested.